Baby Puss cat is character on The Flintstones


A running gag at the end of the cartoon series has the Flintstones returning home the Movies and Fred Flintstone putting the cat out; however the feline jumps back in and puts Fred out!


  • In a tribute to the old Cartoon series, The Flintstones movie with John Goodman has the exact same ending as the orginal cartoon-with Fred Being put out by Baby Puss!
  • In the Cartoon Network Mini Cartoon, Fred Tries to show Dino Dinosauer how to put out Baby Puss-and as usual both end up locked outside by the sneaky cat!
  • The orginal The Jetsons cartoon ending has George Jetson walking Astro Dog on a dog walker when Astro chases a kitten; as both animinals look on, George Jetson is trapped on the runaway dogwalker running for his wife and screaming for Jane for Help; this a space age equivalent of the Stone Age ending of Fred Flintstone and Baby Puss cat!

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