Mrs. Slaghoople (animated)
Mrs. Slaghoople (animated)
Vital Statistics
Alias Mrs. Slaghoople
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair color Gray[1][2] (born red)
Other Statistics
Family Mr. Slaghoople (husband, deceased);
Wilma Flintstone;
Fred Flintstone (son-in-law);
Pebbles Flintstone (granddaughter);
Bamm-Bamm Rubble (grandson-in-law);
Roxy Rubble (great-granddaughter);
Chip Rubble (great-grandson)
Production Details
First appearance OS: "Trouble-in-Law"
Played by Verna Felton
Janet Waldo;
Jean Vander Pyl

Mrs. Slaghoople is the widowed[3] mother of Wilma Flintstone. Mr. Slaghoople was alive when Wilma was a kid, but died by the time she married Fred. Mrs. Slaghoople also had an unspecified job when Wilma was a pre-teen.[4]


In chronological order.

Total appearances: 8.


  • With Mrs. Slaghoople going from red hair to gray by the time Pebbles (and Bamm-Bamm) is an adult, it makes her the only adult character to have shown signs of ageing, opposed to Fred, Wilma, Barney, and Betty, who have showed no signs of ageing throughout the years of their children growing up.


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